Halogen's Henderson Illuminates Fledgling Network's Mission


Becky Henderson, founder and general manager of Halogen TV, has a lengthy explanation for why she chose the name for the two-year-old network she spent three years developing.

In short, however, she named Halogen after the group on the periodic table that exhibits properties no other group has; that was something that Henderson wanted to exemplify. “Millennials have both diversity and unity,” she said, adding that the brand’s identity stems from a desire to show those who want to help how they can. Halogen has, in addition to providing “empowering” programming, involved itself in initiatives to give back - most recently, Halogen participated in a shoe drive with its operators and viewers in California.

Now in 15 million homes, Halogen currently has a slate of 10 original programs, including Jump Shipp, premiering Oct. 21. With five original pilots in production, and some programs having been greenlit, Henderson said, the network is still beefing up its content with international acquisitions and original content produced by Halogen’s in-house team. Recent acquisitions include the first four seasons of The Biggest Loser, set to debut in January 2012.

Halogen has so far stuck to reality series, but Kyle Chowning, vice president, marketing, said scripted television would not be out of the question for the fledgling network. Not a lot of scripted television speaks to the message Halogen seeks to deliver - at least, not that Halogen, as a young network, can afford.

But the message is still clear: Henderson says the underserved millennials have a great ability to make changes, and Halogen TV seeks to encourage its target audience to do so.

“If you group together Undercover Boss, Secret Millionaire and Buried Treasure…that’s Halogen,” Chowning said.