Good Tidings at 11


For your inspection, and make of it what you will. The little kids put on a play at my church Sunday about a combination CNN and CBS news team transformed from self-centered nonbelievers into followers of Jesus.

"Mayhem in Bethlem" was the name of the play and the characters, Noah Lott, Frieda Factoid, and Lorna Limelight don't come off too well in reporting the story of the baby being born in Bethlehem. Lorna in particular is prone to fluffing her hair and complaining about what she picks up on the bottom her her shoe doing some shoeleather reporting.

It is only when an angel uncloaks his wings and they can see "evidence" that they are converted to the faithful, after which, interestingly, they all get together and chant in unision. "We report, you decide."


By John Eggerton