Good News On Diversity Front


Turns out that when DuJuan McCoy gets FCC approval to buy seven TV stations–soon, and very soon, I hope–he will not be the lone African American owner of a Fox affiliate. That is according to Charles Glover, chairman of CorporatemediaConsultantsGroup, who sent the following note in response to last week’s news analysis piece in B&C about McCoy’s troubles in getting the DTV status of one of those stations straight with the FCC.

“Corporatemedia consultants group Which owns Fox 23 in Portland Maine and has been a Fox affiliate since 2004, is a minority company headed by myself with several other African American partners,” Glover told B&C. “It is true we have a licensed management agreement with Maxmedia. The station went on the air in April of 2004.”

I stand happily corrected.