Goldman Puts Other ACA In the News


The ACA has been in the news a lot lately. But with due modesty to the pickup our coverage of the American Cable Association got last week online and in the magazine, it is a different ACA.

The ACA that has been all over the Web, and probably wishes it hadn’t been, was ACA Capital Holdings, the now-defunct bond insurer that found itself in the middle of the Goldman Sachs story.

The definitely not-defunct ACA we are more familiar with was having a much better time of it over the past week or so as it contemplated possible FCC action on a retrans revamp it has been calling for at the FCC.

“Any similarity between ACA (cable) and ACA (alleged Goldman Sachs ally) is purely coincidental,” said American Cable Association President Matt Polka. “We at ACA (cable) are too busy reforming retransmission consent to take on something uncomplicated like the world of credit default swaps.”

Those swaps are enough to make a grown Senator swear.