Golden Globes Night: The Red-Carpet Treatment on E!


The glitz, the glamour, the Globes–it's Golden Globes Night once again, which means E! has two hours of red-carpet coverage. This year's coverage promises to be controversy free, since there is no sign of Kathy Griffin. 

Griffin was replaced by the much more polite Ryan Seacrest (well, OK, not counting the time that he ripped open Griffin's blouse on live TV at the American Music Awards in 2003) after that infamous Dakota Fanning joke. Giuliana Depandi co-hosts the festivities.

A bit of Griffin's acerbic wit would actually be welcome here–while a little of Griffin goes a long way, she's a nice irreverent red-carpet addition.

E! is getting the TV audience in on the act here; viewers can vote online or by text message on who is the best-dressed carpet-walker. And at the bottom of the screen, we can read texted audience comments.

Examples: "I hope Julia Louis Dreyfus wins.  Glad she broke the Seinfeld curse!"…"Who is Michael C. Hall and what is Dexter?"…"Proud to be ugly. Go Betty!"…"Ben Affleck is wicked hot."

Not a Dakota Fanning joke in the bunch.

By Rebecca Stropoli