GM of the Year--Last Chance to Score Major Points With Boss Man/Boss Woman


I have to say, I’m extremely pleased to see the number of nominations we’ve gotten in our second annual running of the Station General Manager of the Year. We’ve got some truly good candidates that were on our radar screen, and some who were not, representing markets big and small, coastal and landlocked, affiliated and indie.

I am a bit surprised, however, by the lack of females being nominated. It was interesting to see that all three winners last year–Susan McEldoon of KHOU Houston, Lisa Howfield of KVBC Las Vegas and Maelia Macin of KMEX Los Angeles–were (and continue to be) female. We’d love to see our nominations pool better represent the percentage of females running stations around the country.

We’d also like to see more nominations for our new category: Multiplatform Broadcaster of the Year, as in, who’s doing the best job of growing the station’s brand…and revenue…across the multiple screens available in the digital age.

We’re accepting nominations through Friday the 13th, as in, the end of this week. Please shoot us a worthy candidate, and tell us why he or she deserves to be GM of the Year/Multiplatform Broadcaster of the Year. You can do it at