Get a Grip


The "CNN reported's" were flying on the House floor Thursday like luxury airliners with fully-equipped staterooms.

Republican after Republican stood to talk about fiscal responsibility and greenhouse gasses and global warming. Could they finally getting down to addressing that potentially life-changing, as in extinguishing, threat.

Well, no, actually, they were trying to stick an amendment on a bill limiting the size of the plane that Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) gets to use to travel back and forth to her San Francisco home district..

"Give me liberty from Pelosi's greenhouse gassing, or give me death by carbon monoxide poisoning," Patrick McHenry (R-North Carolina), might have said but didn't. Instead, he talked about the threat from greenhouse gasses and how Pelosi's requested airliner would increase that threat.

The plane has 42 business class seats, costs $300,000 per trip, has a 16-member crew and would cost $15 million annually to operate given one trip a week, or the equivalent of 682 families making $22,000 per year.

I know all this becuase this is the issue the House was talking about, dubbed "the Imperial Pelosi regime," over and over, ad infinitum, while soldiers die in Iraq, poor people lose health care, and our borders double as revolving doors at time of terrorism scares.

Thank goodness for C-SPAN so everybody can see where our tax dollars are going. Forget paying for the pollution belchiing plane. How about all the hot-air emissions issuing from the Hill. Do these people understand how ridiculous they appear. I wonder.

By John Eggerton