'General' Interest

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Congratulations, we think, to William Fisher, a.k.a. Fishbashr1, who appears to have won the eBay auction for John Schneider's '69 Dodge Charger, better known as the General Lee of Dukes of Hazzard fame. Fisher, a self-described former Marine who trafficks in collector knives and automobiles, topped all comers with his $9,900,500 bid.

Unless we've been duped like Roscoe P. Coltrane in hot pursuit of the Duke boys, John Schneider, who of course played Bo Duke on Dukes, appears to have a whole trove of Dukes memorabilia for sale. That includes the "Behind the Scenes With Bo" DVD ($39.95) and the General Lee Can Coolie (a beer cozy, in these parts) for $7.99. Buyers appear to have had good experiences with Scheider. "Heck it's Bo Duke he's the most honest guy in all of Hazard county!" gushes one.

Sounds like Schneider made a nice little profit on the Lee. Though, as a friend notes, the $9.9 million might be confederate money.