Fun For the Whole 'Family'


ABC Family threw a cheerful little holiday bash yesterday at Rockefeller Center, the highlights being a tasty seafood stew in a pastry, an appearance by Jenny McCarthy, and skating on the iconic Rockefeller Plaza rink, in the shadow of the iconic Christmas tree, with the less than iconic tourists (bah humbug!) kept at bay for an hour.

ABC Family was touting its “25 Days of Christmas” (holiday programming from Dec. 1 to, yup, Dec. 25) promo. McCarthy, who stars in the ABC Family original film Santa Baby, was the boldest of the boldface names. It’s not every day that a former Playboy Playmate of the Year (June ’94, if memory serves) headlines a kids party. George Wendt, who plays Santa in the film, wasn’t in attendance (oh, to hear a live Norm!!! chorus just once!), but co-star Ivan Sergei was. Sergei, who starred in Jack and Jill and had a recurring role as Henry in Charmed, confirmed over mimosas that Alyssa Milano is better looking in person. Talk about a wonderful life.

Also at the Rock Center Cafe were Daphne Zuniga, who stars with Jay Mohr in the original film Christmas Do-Over. The former Melrose Placestar was spied circling the ice with the no-bellybutton hipster kid from Kyle XY.

For what it’s worth, it was the most exciting Sunday morning I’ve had in some time.

By Michael Malone