Fox's 'Bleeping' Awards Show


Fox appeared to have bleeped and cut away from Ray Romano,Kathryn Heigl and Sally Field on its Emmy broadcast Sunday night.

It was unclear what Romano was bleeped for, but Field likely wasn’t swearing or showing her breast. She had just indicated a turn toward anti-war statements in her acceptance speech for best actress in a drama when Fox cut away and the sound was killed, with TV viewers unable to hear whatever drama there was,though there wre reports she had used a profanity in in taking the war’s name in vain.

The same cutaways had happened with Romano and Heigl.

Fox and other networks have put time-delays on "live" shows in the wake of the Janet Jackson Super Bowl reveal..

Fox recently won a court victory when the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York ruled that the FCC had not justified an indecency finding against two incidents of profanity in a Billboard awards show.

That means that the profanity crackdown is on uncertain legal footing, but Fox was taking no chances.