Fox vs. White House


The economy was the biggest news story for the week ending Oct. 25 (15% of the newshole). But coming in at number five was a story about news coverage itself: Fox vs. the White House.

According to the Project for Excellence In Journalism’s latest News Coverage Index, the story of the Obama administration’s labeling of Fox News as a Republican waterboy occupied 5% of the newshole of the monitored media.

The most coverage came on cable news and radio, with 12% of each devoted to the story, the radio side driven by conservative talkers weighing in, according to the study, and Fox coverage helping boost the cable numbers.

After the economy, the top five news stories were Afghanistan (13%), health care (10%), swine flu (5%), and Fox vs. the Administration.

The Index examines 55 different news outlets in network TV, cable, radio, print and online.