Fox Sports North Gives Troops a Taste of Home

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Members of the Minnesota National Guard that are stationed in Kuwait received a little taste of home last week.

A team of 49 staffers from Fox Sports North (Minnesota’s RSN) — including representatives from the Minnesota Twins, Timberwolves, Wild and Vikings — made the trek with the organization Serving Our Troops to feed the roughly 2,700 Minnesota National Guard members stationed there. FS North senior VP and GM Mike Dimond, who was one of those who made the trip, said the purpose of giving them a home-cooked meal was to “to help them still connect with home.”

Serving Our Troops has been traveling abroad since 2004 (this was the group’s ninth trip), giving the troops a taste of home in the form of a 12 oz. steak. This was the group’s largest project since their inception.

The steaks were shipped from Mancini’s Restaurant in St. Paul, which were then cooked by the staffers and members of Serving Our Troops. Dimond said they spent 3 days in Kuwait, and remarked how different it is than the U.S. “Once you get outside of [Kuwait City], it’s desert,” he said. “There’s not a lot to do there.”

Dimond said that one of the best things to come out of the trip was “to have the ability to sit down and talk with them and interact with them.” He remarked how rewarding it was to see “the smile it brings to their faces to have a home-cooked meal.” He was able to sample the military’s steak that they feed to the troops. “To see the side-by-side comparison [between the food], it really gives them a flavor for home.”

“It not only helps you better understand the sacrifice they’re making,” said Dimond, “it also helps them to be able to talk about home.”

Serving Our Troops has also gone to Iraq, Kosovo, Fort McCoy, Fort Sill and Camp Shelby.