Fox News 10th Anniversary Bash


After the event at NYU wrapped up, I shot uptown in a car to the Fox News’ 10th Anniversary soiree being held in a giant tent pitched outside the News Corp. building. Walking down the abandoned red carpet, I noticed it had just started to rain heavily forcing all the late party-goers, like myself, to scurry inside. Under the tent, however, it was quite cozy. There were couches littered with odd little Fox News pillows (where does one get pillows like this?) , and lighted cubes sitting on the carpeted floor functioning as little tables. The music—a lot of techno and pop hits—seemed a little off considering the older crowd, but all things considered, the party planners created a nice atmosphere. As the rain tapped rhythmically away on the plastic tent top, I sampled some chicken empanadas and steak and sweet potato kabobs and settled in to clock some heavy people watching time.The event did not disappoint.

My first sighting was Bill O’Reilly. Towering over the well-suited (mostly male) crowd,he was chatting away and giving interviews to a camera crew. Then, in short order, I spotted Geraldo Rivera, Shep Smith, Greta Van Susteren, Alan Colmes, Sean Hannity, The Donald, Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe, —yes, indeed, it seemed all the heavyweights were in attendance. Both Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch gave brief speeches to the low-key crowd and, later in the night, Governor Pataki took the podium to rally the troops.

For such a hyped event, I was surprised there was so much breathing room. Everyone was comfortably milling around, having drinks, exhanging cards, slapping backs and eating cookies that, much like the pillows, were emblazoned with the Fox News logo. For an added touch, there were plasma screen TV’s dotting the perimeter of the tent that showed a series of negative “this-network-is–never-gonna-make it” quotes that Fox News received from critics when it debuted ten years ago. The implied message being, of course, but take a look at us now.

At the end of the night, I spied Ann Coulter in her requisite little black dress sipping a glass of champagne with a male journalist friend at the back bar. She helped herself to a mini-cheese burger—at which I marveled considering her upper leg is exactly identical in width to that of my upper arm. She seemed to having a good time, however, taking photos, drinking and chatting with her lawyer. When I made a move to leave, she told me that I should stay because now the party was about to get really fun. And, surrounded by a merry little band,  she looked like she knew what she was talking about….

By Caroline Palmer

Photo Courtesy of FOX News Channel / Robert Milazzo Studio