Fore!-Letter Words


So much for the calmer, gentler Tiger Woods.

CBS hadn’t been on the air with its Saturday Masters coverage for 20 minutes when Tiger’s  poor tee shot on the sixth hole drew one of those profanities that our moms used to threaten to wash our mouths out with soap over, and which the FCC can find indecent if it is in a cranky mood.  Fortunately, it has its hands full with the national broadband plan, which should leave it less time to muck about in content.

There was no mike on Tiger when his next shot fired by the hole a good 10-12 feet, which was probably a good thing. He bogied the hole as he appeared to be sliding backwards on “moving day” at the tournament.

Tiger’s pledge to be on a more even keel always struck me as something of a threat. In his press conference he said that while he would be less angry, he would also be less celebratory. It almost sounded like a threat: If this is the kind of person I have to be, perhaps I won’t be the kind of electric player who drew all those fans and ad dollars. I hope I was wrong. And I take Tiger’s “GD” in swearing as a good sign.

There was something reassuring about hearing the perfectionist Tiger of old cursing the Golf gods who have drawn worse language from better men, though no better golfers.