'Flash Forward's' Prescient Promo


If five seasons of Lost and all its time-traveling meshugas haven’t fried your brain, ABC is hoping you’ll be down for Flash Forward. The series is based on a sci-fi novel in which everyone on Earth simultaneously loses consciousness for two minutes, during which they glimpse life events 21 years in the future.

ABC announced the pickup May 8. The very next day, a B&C staffer happened to see a new paperback edition of the novel at Barnes & Noble, with the legend “soon to be a major network television series” emblazoned on the cover-printed, that is, not on a hastily slapped-on sticker.

We called Tor-Forge, the Macmillan imprint that published it, and demanded they tell us which time-traveling phenomenon allowed them to pull it off: A “flash forward” of their own? Red Matter?

Turns out they learned of the pickup in February and added the cover burst. In August, new editions will feature artwork from the ABC Studios-produced series.

Makes sense. But we haven’t ruled out a wormhole.