A-Feeding We Will Go


The Sportsman Channel, which is all hunting and fishing all the time, will be in Washington for the CTAM cable marketing show in a couple weeks, where it will help hand out 400 pounds of Venison donated by local hunters.

The channel is partnering with Sportsmen Against Hunger to serve the meat–in the form of meat loaf, sadly–to the homeless July 22 via the Central Union Mission, which is not far from the convention center hosting the annual show.

It is the first time the channel has teamed with the Safari Club’s hunger initiative, but it plans to launch a 15-city bus tour to push the "hunt, fish, feed" program which connects "hunters, meet processors and shelters" so that more sportsmen and women can donate some of their "harvests" to the homeless. That "more" would be on top of the almost 250 million meals annually the Safari Club says its hunters and fishers ("fisherers"? "fisherfolk"?) already supply.

I’m told that a number of cable operator executives will be at the mission to help serve up the meal–The channel says the American Cable Association has endorsed the event–which will include mashed potatoes, gravy, a side of vegetables, and a drink.

The mission is doing the preparing. Had I known about this earlier, I would have recommended getting my brother to whip up some of his fantastic venison chili. I would also recommend carnitas or a stew

Maybe next year.

By John Eggerton