FCC Official: Not Aware of Any Boston Communications Shutdown


Some reports Monday suggested cell service might have been shut down in Boston in case the bombs at the Boston Marathon had been triggered by cell phone. But that appears not to have been the case.

Fox News interviewed its own senior producer, Jay Soroko, who was running the marathon. Soroko said he was about a half mile from the finish line when the explosions went off. Police jumped into the runners and told them to stop. He said he could hear radio chatter from the police walkie-talkies, which ended after he heard a voice saying radio communication was being shut down.

One suggestion from an on-air analyst was that cell service might have been cut off in case they were bombs that had been triggered remotely.

But an FCC source speaking on background said Monday evening that the FCC was not aware of any shutdowns of Boston communications. They did say that the commission was working with DHS and other federal agencies to monitor and respond to the situation in Boston, and was reaching out to carriers as well.