ESPN Adds All-Star Insult to Injury


Like countless kids across the country, I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch some 12 innings of the Mid-Summer Classic last night. Having seen enough Dan Uggla errors–how did the NY Post not go with an "UGG-LY!" back-page headline this morning?–I retired around 12:30, then scrambled to turn on my Blackberry this morning, flipping to the ESPN Website to find out who won. 

"LONG TIME COMING" blared the headline, above a man sliding. (The picture was too small to make out the man’s team…hey work–how about a new Blackberry?)

I read no further, assuming "Long Time Coming" meant that the National League, after so many years of frustration, had finally pulled out an All-Star win. I pumped my fist emphatically, envisioning those smug Yankee fans at work humbled by having their so-superior league come up short, and picturing the Mets with home field advantage in the World Series. I silently cheered ESPN for a clever dual-meaning headline, "Long Time Coming" referring both to a decade-plus of National League frustration and to the extraordinary length of last night’s game.

I told my wife the National League won. I headed out for work with an extra spring to my step. Once on the train, I flipped open the paper, checking to see which National Leaguer (was it David Wright?) delivered the big hit. 

The paper showed Justin Morneau–American Leaguer Justin Morneau–sliding safely into home in the 15th inning. 

Foiled again. Thanks for the false giddiness, Worldwide Leader in Sports.