Emmys off to strong start


One hour into the Emmys and I’m ready to predict that this is the top-rated Emmycast in years.

Jimmy Fallon came out strong with his Glee-themed opening number, which reminded me of Billy Crystal’s wonderful Oscar montages. (I miss those – could you please come back to the Oscars, Billy?) Seeing so many of TV’s favorites in one big singing/dancing montage was great fun. Love Glee or hate it, the show has brought the big production number back to TV and it’s a format that’s been missing. There are a lot of incredibly talented people out there, and a show like Glee allows all of us to see that talent.

Just following the Twitter feeds, everyone seems pretty happy with the way this Emmys is going: it’s moving quick, Fallon is funny, and the winners thus far – well, maybe until we got to Edie Falco’s win for Nurse Jackie — have satisfied even the biggest TV nerds. (Top Chef! Wahoo!)

Let’s see if the rest of the show can hold up.