Emmys: Kristin Chenoweth Will Miss Paula, Supports Ellen


After winning an Emmy for best supporting actress in a comedy for her role on Pushing Daisies, Kristin Chenoweth dried her eyes and answered reporter’s questions backstage at the 61st Primetime Emmys Sept. 20.

Some highlights are below, including her take on the judges of American Idol.

On Paula leaving Idol

“I’m sad that she left because I think she had a heart. But I also think Ellen will fill that void. A lot of people give Ellen a lot of guff for not being a trained singer…She represents a lot of America and there is nothing wrong with having her on that panel at all.”

On crying during her acceptance speech

“No, I wasn’t expecting to cry; I wasn’t expecting to win. I wasn’t ready at all for that emotion. [Pushing Daisies] was the most special experience of my career.”

On who will likely win this award next year

“Jane Lynch [Glee] will be accepting this award next year.”

On the possibility of an Oscar in her future now that she has a Tony and an Emmy

“That wouldn’t suck.”