Emmys: Jon Cryer's Winning Humor?


One would expect the winner for best supporting actor in a comedy series to use some humor when answering the media’s questions backstage at the Emmys. But that only works when everyone gets your humor.

When Jon Cryer addressed his surprise at his win for best supporting actor for Two and a Half Men to reporters, it seemed that many, including myself, missed the joke.

“No, I did not think I was gonna win at all,” he said. “I stand in awe of almost everyone in my category. [And I] won’t say who I am not in awe of.”

The room was clearly not in awe of this attempt at humor as it went almost completely silent after his comment. While he may have been trying to be funny, there was something in the delivery that actually made you think he was seriously putting down one of his fellow nominees.

Fortunately for him, he followed the awkward statement with more direct humor about his win.

“I think I just stuck around long enough and they gave up. [The Academy thought], he’s not gonna give up until he wins one of these things.”

He also addressed his reference to giving his Emmy to co-star Charlie Sheen in his acceptance speech.

“I intend to keep it. I am going to get a copy made with my name on it and everything, and that’s what I am going to give to Charlie to keep prominently in his home.”