Emmys: Alec Baldwin is Thankful for Lorne Michaels and Starbucks Baristas


Below are highlights from Alec Baldwin, who again won best lead actor for comedy 30 Rock, backstage at the Emmys.

On dedicating his Emmy to Lorne Michaels in his acceptance speech

“I can certainly thank a lot of people. I can thank the girl that makes my Starbucks drink…that powers me throughout the day. [But I] thought important this time to put the emphasis on Lorne.”

On the 30 Rock writers

“The writers for 30 Rock are the best writers in television right now, especially in the 30-minute format.”

On Twilight star Robert Pattinson having a guest spot on 30 Rock

“I am sure Robert Pattinson has no shortage of shows they want him on. Like Desperate Housewives. Those women would want to get their hands on Robert Pattinson.”

On running for political office

“That [politics] is even more nerveracking than this business is…Seeking elected office is not something I am ready to do now.”