Emmy 'Office' Pool


John Krasinski for Best Supporting Actor!

As the Emmy nominations are announced tomorrow, I’m hoping Krasinksi, who plays straight-man Jim on NBC’s The Office, makes the cut. But despite the new voting procedure, I remain doubtful. Emmy voters seem reluctant to nominate newcomers, and there is nothing they love more than nominating the same people they did the year before. Stockard Channing barely made a cameo on The West Wing this season, but my money says she gets nominated for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, because she gets nominated every darn year.

Krasinski is brilliant each and every week, yet has received little recognition since the show began last year. His category is Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, where stalwarts Sean Hayes, Jeffrey Tambor, and Jeremy Piven will all be returning. With Everybody Loves Raymond gone, there are two empty spots in the category, and I can only hope that Krasinski squeezes into one of them.

Emmy voters aren’t known for celebrating subtlety, which is why I think Krasinski will wake up disappointed tomorrow. When you’re competing against actors like Hayes, whose character on Will & Grace is so ridiculously over the top, it can be hard to notice a quiet, layered performance. In fact, it’s hard to notice anyone on The Office besides Steve Carell. Yet the show would truly not be what it is without Krasinski, who provides one the most real, hysterical and heartbreaking performances on television. The Office is filled with absurd (yet hilarious) storylines and characters, but it is Jim’s relationship with engaged co-worker Pam that continues to drive the show.