Election Night Live: Loooong Lines


Perhaps it’s only fitting that this long, long election year is wrapping up today with long, long lines.

Local coverage in New York City—where we wait on line, not in line—is focusing on the extraordinary turnout and the long delays.

WNBC reports lines as long as four hours in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. WABC New York clocked Gov. David Paterson waiting 30 minutes in Harlem to cast his vote for fellow Democrat Barack Obama. News helicopters are catching aerial shots of lines, lines, lines.

At WCBS New York, Chris Wragge and Kristine Johnson offering the local take on the election. Turnout is tremendous, the correspondents say. There are polling problems in some precincts, some relying on paper emergency ballots. One reporter lines up Mayor Bloomberg, another scores an interview with disgraced former Governor Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silda as they wait to vote.  

"This shows the public is concerned," says Spitzer. "This is what you hope to see on Election Day." (Silda still looks angry.)

The anchors then shift to the national focus, with reporters checking in on Sens McCain and Obama at their different spots around the country. They even get Gov. Palin and husband Todd; Palin wears blue jeans and sounds optimistic.

Wragge reports on Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, where Obama has won in a landslide–15 to 6 among the precinct’s 21 voters

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