Election Day in California


You know when I love living out here in California?

At 10 a.m. on a Sunday when football is already on.  Or at 9 p.m. on a weeknight when a World Series or Monday Night Football game is wrapping up, and I still have plenty of time to get my much-needed but futile beauty sleep.

You know when I hate living out here in California?

At 2:23 pm on Election Day when all my NY-based co-workers have local news already on election coverage and we are stuck with regular daytime programming.  A spin around the dial of the broadcasters gives you crucial episodes of shows like Guiding Light, Ellen, Maury, General Hospital and Malcolm In The Middle.  At least KCAL has a 2 p.m. newscast.

I know there is plenty of election coverage on the cable nets for us out here, but this is like high school all over again – there is a party going on somewhere else and I am most certainly not invited.

–Ben Grossman