Eau d' Humanity


I love the smell of Bullock in the morning. It smells like Justice.

A "national fragrance company" is coming out with a "Bullock" and "Trixie" line based on the characters from HBO Western Deadwood.

I don't know about you, but I've sure got a hankerin' to smell like a sherriff after a day of roundin' up the bad guys. I'll leave it to the ladies as to how much they want to emulate the eau d' shady lady of the Old West.

The fragrance, I assume a cologne in the case of Bullock (which means "young bull"), is part of a whole branding–as in marketing, not hot irons–campaign for products associated with Billy Martin and the series.

They will also include jeans and accessories. Yee-haw!

By John Eggerton