Dueling E-mails


The Vice Presidenatial debate last week provided a window into the differences between the two campaigns, at least according to e-mails from thei respective camps.

The campaign of Republican John McCain fired off, shotgun style, a bunch of e-mail press releases following the debate including one suggesting Joe Biden had made a mistake because he cited a Wilmington, Del., restaurant that has apparently closed long ago. Then there was one with dozens of quotes from various sources praising Sarah Palin’s performance, and even emphasizing her folksy delivery with the headline: "You Betcha Sarah Palin Can Debate." There must have been a half dozen in all, including a claim of victory for Palin by McCain Communications Director Jill Hazelbaker.

Certainly somebody at the McCain camp knows how to use e-mail. 

By contrast, I got only a single rifle-shot e-mail from the Barack Obama campaign, and it wasn’t a press release. That one came before the debate and was a solicitation meant to leverage the debate into a contribution.

It pointed out that this was to be the only televised debate and could have an impct on early voting that began this week in eight states, including Ohio, one of the key swing states in this and many other elections.

"Joe Biden and I share a vision for the future of this country, and it’s very different from the vision of our opponents," the e-mail said. "I’m sure you’ll see that contrast in tonight’s debate…. Make a donation of $5 or more right now to help reach Ohio voters and Get Out The Vote in other early vote states."