Duchovny Comes Full Circle On Hulu

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David Duchovny fans can be forgiven for not remembering the Californication star’s first sexed up television series on Showtime.

Before he became a household name as Fox Mulder in Fox’s The X-Files, Duchovny was “Jake Winters,” the host and presenter on Red Shoe Diaries, which aired on the pay cable network from 1992-1997.

Duchovny’s role in the Red Show Diaries served as its lone plot point, strolling with his dog along the train tracks, reading the erotic letters sent care of “Red Shoes,” which were then explicitly (though tastefully) acted out on onscreen.

With the exception of a few revival specials in the early 2000’s, the show largely disappeared from television after its cancellation. But now, thanks to the power of the internet, the red shoes are back.

Hulu, the NBC Universal-News Corp. joint venture video site added the series recently, under the banner of its production company, The Zalman King Collection ( I would link to it, but B&C isn’t in that business).

With The X-Files currently not available for streaming on any of the legal sites, and Californication still active on Showtime, that leaves Red Shoe Diaries as the star’s only television series to have a major web presence.

While X-Files fans may feel left in the dark by the show’s content (there were no sexy ghosts or aliens in the series, according to IMDB), fans of Californication may feel right at home. Even if the star isn’t participating the steamy scenes himself.

While it might seem a strange place to put such erotic content, Hulu has not strayed away from nudity or sexual content.

A simple search on the site’s “most popular” film clips show a common theme: The topless pillow fight from Animal House, the shower spy hole from Porky’s and a scene from Carlito’s Way called ‘get me naked.’ (again, you can find yourself, you don’t need me to link to it for you)

The site requires an account to view the adult content however, in an effort to discourage the kiddies from viewing the grown-up material.