DTV on Twitter: Tips, Quips and Humor from our Neighbors to the North


“DTV” showed up as a trending topic on Twitter in the 9 am PT/Noon ET hour. Early messages on Twitter ranged from reminders, countdowns and tips to firsthand accounts. A few talented Twitterers also managed to make the DTV switch into a punch line. A sampling of early morning DTV tweets:

Reminders/countdowns …
@acousticseagull Less then 20 min to DTV!

@LGatCEA happy DTV transition day! (more than 20 years in the making)

@marktherrien T-Minus 15 minutes until The Death of TV… ARE YOU READY???

@mtdotnet ten minutes to go before analog TV signals cease. Woohoo! #DTV

@fox40 DTV 2009: Our phone lines are quiet. Got a question about DTV? Now’s the time to call us! (916) 454-4548

@okimotor helpful tip from “In cases where no TV stations can be received, tune to a local AM or FM station for weather alerts.”

@ChristysTips Hey all, don’t forget that the DTV transition occurs on June 12th. You may want to visit for details.

@andrewfasano @hleeh about the youtube logo, it’s because the DTV change is today and that’s like the old tvs!

@100mileharvest Fall behind on the analog-to-DTV transition? Call 1-888-CALL-FCC. #dtv

@WSB_TV WSB-TV making DTV switch at 12:30 p.m. Details @

Firsthand accounts…

@JackAwful I hooked up my DTV Converter this morning because on old analogue signals I could watch the Lakers kick ass in Orlando. ABC isn’t coming in. from web

@Chalieogannon just counted down with fox to the launch of dtv. 5 4 3 2 1 FUZZZZ. it was pretty funny. nothing like living primitively.

@k8stamps DTV fail for DirecTV or local ABC channel, but quickly resolved. How strange it is watching history happening!

@toddvogts Now I am heading to Marion to help my grandpa with his DTV troubles.

@DCRTV DTV UPDATE: WBOC made the switch live on their noon news. Station head Tom Draper pushed the button. Even introduced their head engineer

@batchoutlost Duh: “If you’re not seeing this right now, and hearing static, you need a converter box” -Bill Ritter, ABC, 20sec after the #DTV Transition!


@benwells RT @martinboz: Obama and the Copps-led FCC have done more in four months on #DTV than Bush & Kevin Martin did in four *years.* (via @kwerb)

@MiracleMan @nsj can you promise we won’t hear another commercial about it or another story. I want the DTV transition to be over already.

@nadialee RT @editorialiste: It’s a little incredible to me that so many people weren’t aware of the DTV switch (but watch enough TV to care).

At least one admission of laziness…
@saint_felony Blah. I still haven’t gotten around to getting a dtv converter for the one in the basement. So lazy.

And of course a few jokes…

@joegugel RT @ryanjsmith23: Spending day stocking up on: ammunition, bottled water and canned goods. You know.. in case the DTV transition goes badly.

@xDennis RT: Hope those of u w/ no cable have ur DTV converter boxes. If not, I’m chargin $20 an hr (per person) to watch tv at my house. no snacks

@robertgdaniel Hey my TV stopped working… did something happen? (Just kidding, I’m Canadian) #DTV

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