DTV: Los Angeles Fashionably Late As Usual


One of the toughest adjustments moving from New York to Los Angeles six years ago - outside of the traffic, lack of values in general and constant possibility of a giant earthquake knocking all of Southern California into the ocean — was that everyone in L.A. is basically on island time compared to NYC.

For instance at baseball games, you are supposed to show up in the third inning and leave in the seventh. Great sports town.

So I guess it should not have been a shock what happened this morning around 8 am when I went out to my home gym and flipped on the rabbit ears TV I have out there. With no converter box hooked up out there, I was curious to see how each channel looked after the 12:01 am switch.

Here’s how they handled it: they hadn’t gotten around to it yet. There was every regular affiliate still broadcasting away, save for one or two VHF stations.

Turns out most of them aren’t switching over until later this morning or early this afternoon. Yes, even DTV is fashionably late out here.

Then again, I’m not really one to talk. I still haven’t gotten around to getting a converter box yet, so apparently the laid-back mentality has seeped into my veins.

I have definitely been in Los Angeles way too long. Anyway, gotta run to my Botox appointment. If I leave now, I will be 20 minutes late, which is right on time out here.