Drag-Racing News Vans

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KRIV Houston has footage of a pair of news vans, representing El Paso stations KDBC and KVIA, drag-racing. The stations were reporting from a legal drag-racing site following a fatal crash at an illegal racing site in the market late last week, and apparently the drivers were egged on to give it a go. 

According to KRIV’s Website, KVIA photographer Richie Zamora (by the way, I loved his work in Bon Jovi) and part-time anchor Rick Cabrera revved it up on behalf of KVIA, and are facing disciplinary action, though not termination. 

"They had the crowd gathered, giggling," GM Kevin Lovell told the Fox O&O. "It was a stupid thing to do. They weren’t thinking."

Cabrera, who KRIV reports is slated to take over as a full-time anchor in May, apologized. 

The video has been viewed almost 20,000 times on YouTube.