Watching last Sunday’s Entourage for the fourth time this week thanks to On-Demand, I came to realize something very unrealistic about the show. For guys who indulge in the demon weed as much as Turtle, Vince, E and Drama do, they would never keep using those crappy plastic bongs. Those are something you use your freshman year in high school because they’re cheap, and if your parents find them you were only out 20 bucks or so.

Since the Fab Four are so intent on indulging in the high life, I’m guessing they would have invested on a sick glass bong measuring about 1 1/2 ft., with an ice catcher, a diffuser, and maybe even an ash catcher. (I must say I only know what those are for the sake of knowing how to teach kids to avoid drugs). Please, Entourage, get the characters some hardware they would actually use, because you’re making them look like low-rent potheads–when they should look like cannabis connoisseurs.  
By Scotty C. the Intern