Don't Bet Against Fox

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Fox's House continues to be the least sympathetic TV lead in the history of the medium.

For all Fox's missteps with bad reality shows and crummy sitcoms, I have to agree with Sinclair's David Smith that it is hard to bet against the company, what with the netlet that became a major, the news channel that became an institution, The Simpsons, American Idol, salted peanuts series, 24, and House.

Smith told investors at a conference that he was ready to give MyNetworkTV several years before handicapping it. Look at NASCAR, he said. Who knew cars going around in a circle could be compelling TV?Well, aside from millions of NSACAR fans, I guess.

And speaking of House, Dave Matthews could have a promising second career as an actor. His turn last night as a savant-pianist with a heart problem was one of the best one-shots of the season, though David Morse's menacing detective is still my pick for best guest Emmy, along with Forest Whitaker on ER.

By John Eggerton