Dog Days of February


It’s time again for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, airing Monday and Tuesday on USA Network, and if you’re looking for some action, the Race and Sports Book at the Wynn in Las Vegas has the odds.

The Wynn likes a Brussels Griffon named Lincoln, at 10-1; a Welsh Corgi named Carly, at 12-1; and an Affenpinscher who goes by Taser, at 14-1. Show co-host David Frei says the favorites seem about right, but adds, “You never know when a dog will have a divine moment of inspiration when the judge is looking at it. Or a dog might develop an itch. So many little things can mess up your day.”

We should note, however, that the odds are “For Entertainment Purposes Only,” not cash wagers-standard for any contest decided by a lone person. That way, no mob goons will be leaning on doggie judge Sari Brewster Tietjen.