DIY Environmental Damage

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Lots of networks send us lots of interestingly packaged materials here at B&C HQ and much of the time we get a kick out of it. Thanks to some crazy publicity departments opening the mail here often feels like Christmas (or Hanukkah) every day of the year.

But then some days we get a pacakge that is simply an embarrassment. Today that package came from the DIY Network. This morning we received three really large packages from them that piqued a number of staffers interest. Grabbing our scissors we cut open the boxes to find another box wrapped in plastic:

So what is in that other box? Well, let's see… A two-page press release, a ten-page color booklet with a "resource DVD" and a very nice, very heavy duty, tape measure. That's it.

Now we like a tape measure as much as the next trade magazine but WTF? In what world does a tape measure need this much packaging:

Shame on you DIY.