Dick Parsons at Credit Suisse Media and Telecom Week


In a crowded room at the Crown Plaza hotel yesterday afternoon, a relaxed Dick Parsons fielded questions from a room full convention attendees of at the Credit Suisse sponsored Media and Telecom Week. While the questions were varied–and there were no major revelations–but it was reported that Parsons did say that there were ten bidders for the Time Inc. titles on the block (including Parenting) and the Time4Media titles (including Outdoor Life, Ski, Skiing, Popular Science and more) and the company expected to have a deal in early 2007. 

At the end of the Q+A, someone asked what Parsons thought of Sony building Blu-ray into the new PlayStation 3 for people to regularly watch DVD's on–as well as play games–and whether or not that would give Sony an advantage. "I don't think Playstation is going to be primary driver of video outside the game space," Parsons said. "People, we find, tend to buy things for specific purposes. They buy PlayStation to play games."

By Caroline Palmer

By Caroline Palmer