Devito, the "Fun Drunk"


First Mel Gibson…then Michael Richards…now Danny Devito. Very public celebrity misbehavior is becoming pretty old hat. Doesn't anybody ever learn?

On the other hand, a slurring and stumbling Devito, who appeared Nov. 29 on ABC's The View after an apparently wild night out with George Clooney, is almost a breath of fresh air in the celeb faux paux arena. Sure, he spewed obscenities and skewered George Bush, but, thank God, he didn't channel an inner racist and seemed full of glee to be sharing the stage with the four View ladies (although Barbara Walters seemed less than thrilled to be sharing it with him). Even co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck called him a "fun drunk." 

The public will hold no grudges against a happy drunk, and we likely won't be subjected to another painful public apology. Celebs take note–THIS is how we want to see you act if you have to down countless limoncellos before your TV appearances.

By Rebecca Stropoli