DC Quake Like a 'Metro Train Going Under Us'


A couple earthquakes in recent hours have people, and newsrooms, scrambling into action. A 5.9 hit Virginia, just outside Washington, DC area, with ripples felt all the way to New England. Damage is said to be minor, but it gave those who felt it a good fright.

“We all felt it,” says WJLA Washington News Director Bill Lord. “We all thought it was a Metro train going under us. Then it got worse and worse and worse.”

CNN.com quoted a tweet from what certainly sounds like one of the Philadelphia Phillies in his home stadium. “Wow Earthquake just shook the entire locker room,” HunterPence3 tweeted.

A 5.3 quake hit near Trinidad, Colorado late last night–about 180 miles south of Denver, and 90 south of Pueblo, putting it in the Colorado Springs-Pueblo DMA. Damage was relatively minor, and there was no reported loss of life.

Nonetheless, the quake–and around a dozen aftershocks–”frayed people’s nerves,” said KUSA Denver reporter Gary Shapiro, who was in the region. “It was almost like a car came up and shook the building.”

It’s said to be the worst in the region, which gets quakes frequently, in about 40 years. “Usually they shake the windows and not really do anything,” says KOAA Colorado Springs interim News Director Greg Boyce. “This one actually did some damage.”

Here in New York, we heard from the fire safety director on the PA just minutes ago.

“This is your fire safety director,” he said. “New York City has been hit by an earthquake. It’s safe to stay in the building.”

There were, however, odd screams in the background as he addressed the building. That prompted laughter from some, and a little fear in others.

Right now, co-workers who rarely speak with each other are exchanging “did you feel it?” notes.