Dancing Greek to Chic


CBS was quick to start plugging its new Web channel, Innertube, Thursday. Plug being the flashing, neon operative word.

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It sent out a link to Web show Greek to Chic, sort of Straight Eye (as in CBS, get it) for the Fraternity Guy.

The show plug I wathced was a total plugfest, with Chili's logos worked into the show, a Dr. Pepper shirt on one of the two guys chosen for a makeover, and the host telling them to to go to Superpages.com to find merchandise. Those are the three sponsors, who also get a banner on the site as the show rolls, or as this clip rolled. Then there was the add for pringles in the middle of the show.

Then there was the party thrown by Dr Pepper, with the big Dr Pepper logo behind everybody and the host saying that Dr Pepper was going to give the frat house a year's supply of Dr Pepper. Then there were the Dr Pepper cans in everybody's hand. Then there…but you get the point because you are reading this blog and are obviously a hip and happening surfer.

Speaking of surfer, one of the guy's pickup lines was "I've got any size board you want to ride." At least that was an improvement on one of the losers' "I like having sex."

I wonder if anybody else besides me will be offput by the blatant, unrelenting plug-a-rama. It is clearly not targeted to me, of course, but to the generation that may have gotten used to Coke being splashed all over American Idol.

Still, if this is viral marketing, it is a virulent strain that breaks out in big red blotches and makes me kind of queasy.

I was initially a little offput by the video cuts, which were jerky and quick and a little hard for my old eyeballs to follow, but that is just Bochco taken to the next level.

By John Eggerton