Dance Throwdown in Chicago


Folks at WGN Chicago, longtime home of the weekly segment Friday Dance, are upset because NBC affil WMAQ recently started a segment called Dance Friday (I’d make a dyslexia joke but that’d be inappropriate). 

"Sometimes you don’t need Dave Savini’s special light on a bedspread to tell that something’s dirty here," said WGN’s "investigative reporter" Steve Lightning

WGN got to the bottom of the story on the morning show today, starring Lightning in a bit of investigative reporting/performance art (he really needs to cut down on the 42 morning martinis, not to mention the crack), Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Jeff Garlin, and WMAQ meteorologist Ginger Zee.

"What do you think of a news organization that would STEAL from another news organization?" wonders Lightning. "See that Peacock? It should be a snake! It should be a weasel!"