The Daily Show Must Go On, Eventually


Any time something major happens in the political world, you expect the late night talk shows to be all over it to crack a few jokes. Unfortunately, when the easiest material to work with becomes available, The Daily Show always seems to be on hiatus.

Who can forget February of 2006 when Vice President Cheney shot a fellow hunter in the face? The talk shows had a field day, it was probably the easiest few days the writers ever had. The Daily Show, unfortunately, was on vacation that week, by the time Monday rolled around, they got their fill in, having the whole first segment of the show focused on Cheney’s face shooting faux-pas.

Another missed opportunity happened in the last two weeks with the revelation that Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) was arrested, and subsequently pled guilty to, attempting to solicit an undercover officer for sex in a Minneapolis airport restroom. Yes, The Daily Show has been on vacation. According to David Javerbaum, executive producer and writer on the show, Jon and the writers have been chomping at the bit to jump on the joke bandwagon. “We have so many!” said Javerbaum at a panel of late night comedy writers yesterday at the New York Television Festival. But fear not Daily Show fanatics, “check us out on Monday and we will get our fill in,” said Javerbaum. Better late then never.