'Daily' Dingell


The office of Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) had been dropping Twitter hints about some news related to the chairman emeritus of the House Energy & Commerce Committee.

Turns out the last hint about it not being “real news” was the clincher.

The real or unreal news, as the case may be, is that Dingell is going to be a guest on John Stewart’s Daily Show, his first visit to the voice of a late night generation, at least when they are not listening to Conan or Jay or Dave or Jimmy or…

“My announcement: I’m looking forward to being Jon Stewart’s guest on The Daily Show on April 19. It should be fun!,” tweeted Dingell at about the same time his office was releasing his statement on the spectrum inventory bill. Dingell may be appearing on cable, but he has been a big backer of broadcasting, including urging the FCC to inventory spectrum before it tries to take any back from TV stations.

A spokesman for the congressman said they expected to be talking about health care or the auto industry, but were preparing for anything. Good plan.