CW Gets to Finish in Upfront Race


The CW has wrapped up its upfront sales, ringing up about $410 million in advertising commitment for next season.

Ad buyers who target The CW’s key demographic of young women paid prices between 10% and 12% more than last year on a cost per thousand viewers (CPM) basis, according to market sources. The network, owned by CBS and Warner Bros., sold between 75% and 80% of its inventory.

For a second season The CW sold ads on a convergence basis, giving clients packages that include ads that run when a show is viewed on-air and when it’s watched online. The CW’s research shows that there is very little duplication between on-air and online viewer. It also shows that increased commercial loads on the on-air episode have not impacted traffic or time spent on and 94% of the online ads are watched to completion. 

The number of viewers watching full episodes rose 55% this season and the amount of time spent watching online shows is up 175%.

Meanwhile sources said ABC is close to finishing its negotiations and CBS, despite resistance to its insistence on prices higher than its rival networks, was also moving forward, making deals with buyers.