Current TV on Democrats' Messiah Complex

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The kids at Current TV–and really, aren’t we supposed to imagine they’re all kids there?–have cooked up a cute animated short satirizing the dilemma facing those long-suffering, down-trodden Democrats.

Tonight, SuperNews, an animated series that goofs on the absurdities of American politics, will unveil a new episode called "The Democratic Messiah." Taking the phrase "wandering in the desert" all too literally, the episode has a tribe of blue-staters trudging biblically along when they happen upon "the Chosen One": Sen. Barack Obama.

Standing on hill, staff in hand, Obama merely flashes a grin and utters the word "hope," and he’s hailed as the Democratic Messiah–until Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton ("that lady who keeps following us around," says one of the wanders) mounts the hill beside him and claims she’s ready to be the Messiah on Day One.

Like the Fred Armisen-Amy Poehler bit on last weekend’s resurrected Saturday Night Live, the SuperNews short riffs on the facile storyline that casts Clinton as the abrasive wonk vs. Obama’s genial lightweight. Given that this storyline is pretty much a replay of the Gore v. Bush script, you can imagine why real-life Democrats may be genuinely ambivalent.

But since Current is, of course, the brainchild of Al Gore, I’m dying to know: Has he seen "The Democratic Messiah?"