A Cure for (Aqua Teen) Hunger

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My 1-block walk from the subway to work isn’t usually all that exciting: buy bagel, coffee, you know the deal. But as I stepped out of the station and onto Park Avenue South, I was greeted by none other than Jack Nicholson. A moment later, Elizabeth Taylor stepped into the vista.

At least their doppelgangers did. It was a promotion for Turner Classic Movies’ 31 Days of Oscar, which kicks off on TCM today. Moments later, a street teamer told me, “You look like you’ve got a girlfriend. Or a mistress,” before handing me a peculiar package, about the size of a wallet.

My curiosity burned as I made my way upstairs. What new treasure awaited me and my mistress? It turned out to be microwave popcorn.

At least this Turner guerilla marketing effort shouldn’t end with New York City under lockdown.

By Michael Malone