Cuban Tweaks the Donald


Seeing that Donald Trump hasn't had a public spat in weeks, HDNet founder/Dallas Mavericks owner/media agitator Mark Cuban took a few pokes at the Donald on his blog. Believing that Trump has a serious mojo crisis going on, Cuban suggests some moves that might just jumpstart Trump's career. (Remember, the two feuded years ago over the similarities in their reality shows, Trump's The Apprentice and Cuban's The Benefactor.)

While Cuban is clearly being tongue in cheek, it's strangely not that difficult to picture Trump in some of these scenarios.

Suggests Cuban:

1. You can travel the world over and give speeches on brand dilution. Explaining how a brand that was once synonymous with the finest real estate in the world is now synonymous with a canceled TV show, water, steaks, a doll, mortgages, vodka, a perfume, a game and an online University that tries to sell questionable advice and products and is one of the biggest spammers on the Internet.

2. You can go to VH1 and ask to be on the celebrity fitness show.

3. They need a replacement for Rosie on The View….

4. Also on VH1, I Love New York will be starting up production again. I promise you that you would get record ratings if you become one of her potential boyfriends.

5. You could produce the Broadway version of "Raising Arizona". You could play H.I. and work with your new born son, riding his coattails as the star of the show.

6. Could anyone play the part of Judge Smails in a remake of Caddyshack better than you ?

Or best of all, you can go back to NBC and ask for one more season of The Apprentice. Me against You. We let the audience pick the tasks and our teams and we let Rosie O'Donnell and Melania be in the boardroom and decide who wins or loses. I would do it just to see those two sitting next to each other.