CSI: Cheesy Scene Included?


What the hell happened on CSI last night? Granted, I haven’t tuned in in a while (something to do with the missus and Grey’s), but as I recall, the show rarely showed the sleuth crew outside of work, and never showed them having fun. But as last night’s episode wound down, Stokes and Willows were in a nightclub as cheeseball troubadour John Mayer took the stage. (Two thoughts on that: it’s not even sweeps anymore, and since when does CSI have musical guests?).

As Mayer caressed his fretboard, Stokes grabbed the reluctant Willows and started dancing with her like a lovesick frosh in his dad’s sportcoat.

Just when I thought the show would fade out with a gauzy shot of John Mayer—who, granted, is less cheesy since he found the blues—CSI jerked back to its old self. Willows caught a roofie in her cocktail, then woke up naked (Marg Helgenberger’s body is indeed a…uh…wonderland) in a foul motel, wondering what the hell happened.

Kind of like how I'd felt a few minutes before.
By Michael Malone