Couric LIVE BLOG: Limbaugh, Snap Shots and Suri Cruise


Couric explains that Free Speech will sometimes feature people viewers will recognize, like Rush Limbaugh tomorrow, and some they won't. She asks viewers to go on the Web site and give their reaction. 

Next up is another new feature callled Snap Shots, where Evening News looks back at an old story. Tonight it was a picture of 19 week old Prince Charles in 1949. That's how Couric set up tonight's "snap shot", Vanity Fair magazine "cover girl" Suri Cruise. "This is proof that yes siree she does exist, Couric says.

More ads for medicine and house cleaning follow, this time a cholesteral drug called Caduet, sleep drug Lunesta and shower cleaner Scrubbing Bubbles Automotic Shower Cleaner. The first CBS program tease follows, a plug for a Jessica Simpson concert on the Early show.