Couric: CBS Affiliates Haven't Helped 'Evening News'

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In a New York Times Magazine interview, Katie Couric lays some blame for being stuck in third place on her local lead-ins, or lack thereof, around the country.

Asked why she hasn’t been able to move CBS out of third in evening news, Couric said:

I believe we were in third place for 13 years before I got here, and I think habits, particularly with an evening news broadcast, move at a glacial pace. And I think that local news stations have something to do with it.

Couric was then pressed about the local news stations, and backtracked a bit.
Some people have said that local news is really important in terms of lead-ins. I haven’t really analyzed that. I’m just saying what I’ve read or some of the theories about it.

Reporter Andrew Goldman asked Couric about the myriad claims of her lack of “gravitas,” which I think is more about lazy profile-writers latching on to a fancy foreign word they read in a previous Couric profile than any lack of anchor chops on Katie’s part.

The question prompted Couric to retort, “gravitas is Latin for testicles.”

I’ve heard her say that before. But it’s a great line.