Concerned Dems Diss Drama


It's not surprising that Washington Democrats are up in arms about the ABC 9/11 docudrama.

with Republicans looking to hammer the national security issue again in hopes of keeping control of Congress, a movie that suggests, apparently by stretching and bending the facts, that Democrats failed to get Ossama Bin Laden when they had the chance is not high on any Blue Stater's list. There was blame enough for several administrations, by the way.

The potential damage is increased if, as CNN pointed out Thursday, the fictionalized account is being touted to schools by Scholastic as an educational tool on the event.

ABC had been pulling out all the stops to promote the show before it started generating criticism from Dems.

According to Chris Core of ABC-owned WMAL(AM) Washington, ABC made the $40 million show, which he called alternately a "documentary" and a "docudrama," mandatory viewing for key staffers at the station, including flying someone out from L.A. essentially to hand-deliver it for a screening at the station.

Though Core said ABC did not say the on-air types had to hype the movie, that turned out to be the result because, said Core, the movie was great TV.

ABC was still making minor cuts to the show yesterday, apparently to create the general impression of missing the boat on Bin Laden, rather than putting the fateful words in any particular mouth, particularly the wrong one.

By John Eggerton